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04 February 2010 @ 06:49 pm
Torchwood - Back Again - Prologue  

Title: Back Again
Chapter: Prologue
Verse: Torchwood/Alex Rider

Rating: 12
Characters/Pairings: Gwen/Jack, Toshiko/Owen, Alex Rider, PC Andy, Ianto, Martha, Rhys
Spoilers: Minor End of Days
Disclaimer: I wish ...

Summary: Gwen Cooper left Torchwood after Jack did, all those years ago when he abandoned them for the Doctor. Eleven years, 132 months, 3994 days later, she's back ... working as an undercover FSB agent with no previous memory of Jack or Torchwood. Her task - infiltrate Torchwood.

Authors Note: This has already been posted, up to chapter one, on here. However this is my writing journal + those old entries have been deleted from my 'real life' journal. Apologies if you've seen/read this before. Enjoy if you haven't :)



Two months. It took two months for his adventures with the Doctor to come reach their end. Two months for his team to spectacularly pull together … and fall apart without him.

He should have told them. Maybe if he had …

He’d returned to find Tosh and Owen finally aware of each others feelings, Ianto muddling on without him and Gwen … missing.

The arguments with a peeved off Owen, who’d been appointed unofficial leader, had lasted, it seemed, for hours:

“You should have stopped her!”

“You shouldn’t have left!”

Tosh had eventually had the common decency to explain that they’d run a search to find a missing passport, a note to Rhys and a shoddy CCTV image that may or may not have been Gwen boarding a plane destined for a far away remote land.

He’d commented, too urgently, that they had to bring her back. Nobody had missed the look that had flitted across Ianto’s face and he’d attempted, unsuccessfully, to cover it up with the fact that if she was going to walk out they had to retcon her first.

“No need - she’s already done that for you. A couple of pills went missing the day she left.”

His curses had echoed, without lapse, around the Hub for the next ten minutes; the remaining members of the Torchwood team had slunk out of his office as he damned the woman who’d made such an impact on his life and had then made the coherent decision to disappear out of it again. Didn’t she want to remember him? It had only been two months. It couldn’t have been that bad.

He’d missed her … the two months away had changed how he saw her, to be honest, how he saw his entire existence in Cardiff.

Apparently two months had changed how she saw him as well.


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