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07 February 2010 @ 10:11 am
Back Again - Chapter Three  

Title: Back Again
Chapter: Three
Verse: Torchwood / Alex Rider

Rating: 12
Characters/Pairings: Gwen/Jack, Toshiko/Owen, Alex Rider, PC Andy, Ianto, Martha, Rhys
Spoilers: Minor End of Days
Disclaimer: I wish ...

Summary: Gwen Cooper left Torchwood after Jack did, all those years ago when he abandoned them for the Doctor. Eleven years, 132 months, 3994 days later, she's back ... working as an undercover KGB agent with no previous memory of Jack or Torchwood. Her task - infiltrate Torchwood.


Prologue: http://lafleurverte.livejournal.com/549.html#cutid1
Chapter 1: http://lafleurverte.livejournal.com/1023.html
Chapter 2: http://lafleurverte.livejournal.com/1483.html




The cog door opened and Jack stepped inside, covered in blood and carrying a weevil in his arms. Owen trailed behind him sporting a nasty wound to the head.

“Martha!” bellowed Jack, “Stitch up Owen’s head. Rhys, take this weevil down to the vaults.”

“What’s its name?” Martha laughed as Jack passed her as she made her way to the autopsy bay.


Tosh and Owen made their way to the autopsy bay more slowly, on the account that Tosh was supporting Owen in cause he fainted because of his blood loss.

“Bloody weevil. We got there and there were five of the damn things! You could have warned us, Tosh. Five weevils on two humans. Jack went and bleeding well copped it three times. When he came back for the third time I think they got a bit freaked and legged it into the sewers again.”

“Hey! If they didn’t have a heat signature I can’t ...”

“Shut up you two.” Martha grinned as she helped Owen up onto the bed.

Tosh turned and made her way back to her desk as Martha skilfully and painlessly stitched the gash and Owen grabbed a towel and began wiping the blood off his face.

“There you go.”

“Cheers Martha.”

He jumped off the bed and bestowed a brief smile onto Martha before heading towards Tosh’s desk. He grinned. She was engrossed in the translation of an ancient script that had been found by the police earlier that week and had been given to them by Rhys’ mate Andy. He crept up behind her and whispered into her ear.

“Boo!” As expected Tosh jumped a foot off her chair and hit Owen has he picked her up and easily swung her off her chair. He sat himself down on it and then laughed quietly as Tosh seated herself in his lap. Her engagement ring, a single diamond, caught the light. However, she was once again staring at the screens.

“Owen! You deleted the translation you bloody idiot. I spent the last two hours working on them and now you’ve come along and bloody deleted it all.” She twisted in his lap and hit him again, this time hard. “Stop bloody grinning! Two hours and then some bloody fool ...”

Owen did the only thing possible at times like that to shut her up – kiss her. His lips collided with hers and she sighed into his mouth before deepening the kiss. She placed her arms around his neck as they broke apart for a second.

“Oi! Get a room!” Rhys called as he emerged up the steps from the vault. Gwen’s ex had lost the excess fat and had become much fitter since he’d joined Torchwood 5 months after Gwen’s disappearance. Jack had said he’d asked him to join because he’d shown himself to be capable of Torchwood material but Rhys knew the real reason was that they had a job vacancy and as he already knew about Torchwood, already knew them all, it wouldn’t screw up his team that much. He liked to think he’d proved himself well though.

Owen laughed as Rhys sat down at his desk and Tosh, although more confident by far, turned away from Owen and looked back at her screen.

She gasped.

“Tosh?” Owen felt her tense on his lap.

“Gwen.” She muttered.

Alarmed, Owen looked at the screen which had automatically reverted back to the CCTV camera image of outside the Hub when he’d deleted the translation. A woman and a teenage boy were walking past the Hub. Everywhere else was deserted – it was 10 o’clock at night. Tosh zoomed in on the pair.

“Shit.” Rhys, wondering about the sudden silence had got up and wandered over to them.

The woman looked about thirty-five, with long black hair, chiselled cheeks and from what could be told by the dim lighting around the Hub, had sparkling green eyes. The boy was slim, also with green eyes, but their main focus attention was on their ex best friend, lover and fiancé.

“What’s happened to her?” Tosh mused aloud, speaking everyone’s thoughts for them. By this time Martha had also joined them and was staring, speechless, at the tiny image. Their Gwen had been confident, lively, energetic. This Gwen walked as though she had the world on her shoulders. As they watched the boy wrapped a comforting arm around her shoulders.

“Zoom in the kid.” Rhys commanded and Tosh manoeuvred the camera focus onto the teenager. “She has a son.” He stated it as a fact that didn’t matter to him but his face told a different story.

Martha looked slightly confused at Rhys’ assumption. “Can’t be. The kid looks fourteen, fifteen about. She only left eleven years ago. Nephew maybe?”

“No – she was an only child. It has to be her son. Tosh, play the clip again.” The real Gwen had disappeared from the cameras view but the recorded Gwen walked outside again. “Look. Green eyes, similar build, same look about him.”

“Rhys ...” Martha spoke to calm him but Rhys slammed his fist into the desk anyway, scattering papers onto the floor. Unshed tears shone in his eyes. The other three were silent, averting their eyes. Cheeks burning at his loss of control, he turned and walked in the direction of the vaults.

Tosh started upwards to follow him but Owen held her back. “Give him time to think. He never did get over her – there were no goodbyes. That makes it a hundred times harder to let go.” Tosh looked towards Owen, knowing he was thinking about Katie. Owen had confessed why he found it so hard to love a couple of months into their relationship and while he’d helped her become more confident, she had helped him become more open and less of a serial-shagger.

“We need to follow her.” Martha spoke suddenly, cutting through the silence that had followed Owen’s comment. “Tosh, can you track her on the CCTV?” Tosh grinned. “Owen, tell Jack you’re leaving for some reason or other. I’ll get the SUV.”

“JACK!” Owen bellowed in the general direction of Jack’s office. The girls winced slightly.

“OWEN!” Jack replied in kind.

“Tosh and I have got to go. Her mum said that she couldn’t look after Evie and Yasmin late tonight; she’s going out.”

“Good for her.”


“Fine. Bugger off. Just make sure you don’t decide to stagger in at midday tomorrow.”

“When do we ever do that?”

“Whenever you think you can use the excuse that Evie wouldn’t stop crying or Yasmin had nightmares.”

Owen bestowed a two fingered salute to the captain and turned back to Tosh. “Ready.”

“Yep. See you Jack.”

As they left the tourist shop disguising the entrance to the Hub, Owen turned to Tosh. “Where is she?”

“She’s heading to Kelvin Street.


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